net-http-persistent and rest-client

Samuel Lown <sam.lown@...>


I managed to find this post from Karl Baum in the list archives, I was
wondering if there had been any further investigation (maybe by

I'm one of the maintainers of couchrest, mainly the couchrest_model
part. We use RestClient to handle the requests to CouchDB. At the
moment we fire off a REST request every time something is required
from the database. If SSL is involved, this means starting up a secure
session each time adding even more overhead and big performance hit.
Persistent HTTP connections may be a way to help ease the pain.

From the looks of the net-http-persistent docs it might just work as a
drop-in replacement. I'll be testing as soon as possible, but would
like to know if anyone has previous experience.


Original message from Karl Baum, 2010-10-15 @ 14:22:

Looking at ways to speed up my rest-client http requests and I came across
net-http-persistent. Is it possible to use net-http-persistent with
rest-client? Has anyone tried it before?