rest-client 1.5.0.b is available for testing

Adam Wiggins <adam@...>

Did some quick manual tests with MRI 1.8 and 1.9 and JRuby, looks
solid. My complaint about the 1.4 API breakage is now fixed.
Additionally I really like the to_i on the response. Nice work!


Archiloque <code@...>

Hi all,

I've pushed a rest-client 1.5.0.b gem on the repository, as several changed has been made and no bug is opened for the moment


- the response is now a String with the Response module a.k.a. the change in 1.4.0 was a mistake (Response.body is returning self for compatability)
- added AbstractResponse.to_i to improve semantic
- multipart Payloads ignores the name attribute if it's not set (patch provided by Tekin Suleyman)
- correctly takes into account user headers whose keys are strings (path provided by Cyril Rohr)
- use binary mode for payload temp file
- concatenate cookies with ';'
- fixed deeper parameter handling
- do not quote the boundary in the Content-Type header (patch provided by W. Andrew Loe III)

(the 1.5.0.a had a 1.9 error in the tests)

Tested with: ruby, jruby, jruby 1.9, taps, heroku, couchrest, couchtiny

rest-client-components is broken because it directly instantiate Response, which I think no other library is doing, a fix is available at and I'll wait Cyril to ship a new version before releasing mine

I'm waiting for comments, suggestion and bug reports