Re: rest-client 1.6.8.rc1 and 1.7.0.rc1

Jonathan Brown <johnnybrown7@...>


On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, Larry Gilbert <larry@...> wrote:
Hello Ruby REST Client fans,

The rest-client gem has been long, long overdue for a new release, so I just wanted to let you all know that prereleases are finally hitting the wire.

1.6.8.rc1 is published now, but don't get too excited unless you are one of those poor souls stuck with Ruby 1.8.7 for whatever reason. That's because the 1.6 branch is being maintained only to keep compatibility with 1.8.7, so it will only be receiving fixes for bugs and security issues.

Anyone using Ruby 1.9.3 or newer should not pay too much attention to 1.6.8.rc1. Wait for 1.7.0.rc1 and try that out instead. It contains actual new features! And even though it should be compatible with code written for rest-client ~> 1.6.0, I'd love to see as many gem authors as possible whose gems depend on rest-client try out the prerelease to shake out any unforeseen problems.

I was going to wait until the "official" releases to say this, but no time like the present...

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to the code (if your name isn't in the "AUTHORS" file, let us know). Thanks to Julien Kirch for all his work in keeping the gem alive. And special thanks to Andy Brody and Matt Manning for the huge amount of work they've put into getting us to this point; honestly, these releases probably would not be happening without their help. (Hope I haven't forgotten anyone.)

Cheers, and stay RESTful. B-)

Larry Gilbert
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