GET with deep parameters

Jack Repenning <jrepenning@...>

rest-client (1.6.7)

I need to pass a multi-level hash in as parameters to a GET call. I see a discussion about this in the archives already,

but that solution only seems to work a level or two deep; below that, the Hash remains stringified. Am I doing something wrong?

Some details:

credentials = {
:developerOrganization => "jreptest",
:developerKey => "1c9e3deaffd264823e553935bbf238117ff2f88d",
:domain => "jreptest",
:login => "jreptest",
:password => "password"
RestClient.get url, {:params => {:credentials => credentials}}

is logged by Rails as

Parameters: {"credentials"=>"{:developerOrganization=>\"jreptest\", :developerKey=>\"1c9e3deaffd264823e553935bbf238117ff2f88d\", :domain=>\"jreptest\", :login=>\"jreptest\", :password=>\"password\"}", "id"=>"102"}

Notice the quoting: the hash whose first key is :developerOrganization is still stringified.

In contrast, this works (but makes me feel dirty ;-):

# Monkey-patch RestClient to define get_with_payload
module RestClient
def self.get_with_payload(url, payload, headers={}, &block)
Request.execute(:method => :get, :url => url, :payload => payload, :headers => headers, &block)
RestClient.get_with_payload url, :credentials => credentials

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