Re: RestClient and SSL stores/default paths

Cyril Rohr <cyril.rohr@...>

On Apr 12, 2012, at 9:57 AM, David Ljung Madison wrote:

I don't know much about SSL, but I'm trying to use RestClient to
connect to my SSL server. I tried the simple RestClient example
I found and added this to

:ssl_client_cert =>"gd_intermediate.pem")),
:verify_ssl => OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER
If you want to verify server certificates, you need to pass the
path to a Certification Authority (CA) file with the :ssl_ca_file
I tried that with:

:ssl_ca_file => "/etc/ssl/certs/Go_Daddy_Class_2_CA.pem",

But that didn't work either. What are the ssl settings I give to
RestClient and where do I get the certs?
Actually, unless you're doing mutual SSL authentication with the server, you should not pass an :ssl_client_cert option. Is your server live somewhere so that we can test?


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